What To Do When You Are In Manaus?

Formerly called Barra do the Rio Negro, Manaus is the capital of Amazonas. The well-preserved natural environment proved to be an excellent getaway for me. I discovered many things in the city during my stay which I am going to share with you in this blog. Located at the heart of Amazon, this has various birds, plants, fish, insects, and other animals. Brace yourself, since you want to get a ticket to Manaus on spot. Here is the list of things to do when you visit this city.

  • See where Amazon begins

About 10 kilometers by boat from Manaus, Rio Solimões and Rio Negro rivers meet in order to form the breathtaking Amazon River. The meeting of the two rivers is called encontro das Aguas by the locals. During this time, the acidic black water from the Rio Negro along with the alkaline water of Rio Solimões meet. This creates a unique and magnificent spectacle on the lakeside. This is the best thing that I had experienced in this city.

  • Shop at Mercado Municipal Adolpho Lisboa

It came as a surprise to me that the building which houses the market had been shipped from Europe in the year 1880. Vegetables, herbs, and fruits had been displayed colorfully that excited enthusiastic shoppers. I found handmade leather souvenirs and gifts for my loved ones in the market.

  • Click photos of Victoria Amazónica Water Lily

This is the world’s largest water lily. Victoria Amazónica Water Lily has been named after Queen Victoria. You will find these plants abundantly around Amazon River which begins at Manaus. The splendid looking circular leaves grow up to 2.5 meters diametrically. The beautiful white flowers that it creates can turn pink on the second blooming day. Click some photos of these to frame them and put them in your living room.

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