The Great Tours Of Matsuyama Are Waiting To Take You Around

Take You Around

Matsuyama is spread over an area of 482.9Km squares on the Shikoku island of Japan and is the official capital city of the Ehime Prefecture.

Before researching about the place, I have the impression of the name to be something as that of a person, but when I studied about this place, Matsuyama turns out to be very frequently visited places wherein I felt welcomed.

  • The places and events that can be visited at around this place are the Taga fertility museum, Saka no Ue Kumo Museum, Dogo Onsen Festival.

It won’t be a bad idea to check out the Hiroshima cruise ferry along with the Matsuyama Hiroshima Super Jet.

Places to visit

The site has its main center attraction at the Matsuyama castle which is built over a steep hill called Mount Katsuyama and gives an opportunity to the travelers to check out the bird’s eye view of the area of Matsuyama and the Inland Sea of Seto. This place has about 200 cherry blossom trees which paint this place with pink hues in the period around the months of late March to early April. Since this place is located on a steep hill, you require a ropeway to get to the castle as the other way to reach the castle can be pretty tedious and hence try the ropeway for an easier go.


The Ninomaru Park, which was earlier a point of defense for the region, but has now converted into a park.

This place also holds other areas that could be noted when traveling around like another castle named Yuzuki castle and merely peaceful temple Ishite Ji.

The accommodation facilities give a range of options and few of the places to have your stays are Okudogo Ichiyu Noori, Nest hotel, New Grand Hotel, Mystays, Patio Dogo, REI Hotel.

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