Places To Visit In St Paul, Minnesota

If you wish to explore the state of Minnesota, it would be wise to select St Paul as your one stop destination to get a flavor of the state as a whole. This capital city of the state has also the second largest population for the state. Located in Ramsey County, the city is located on the eastern side of the Mississippi river, near the point where it merges into the Minnesota River. The city combines with Minneapolis to form a large and sprawling economic center as well as the sixteenth largest metropolitan area in the country.

At the time of its formation, the city was a trading center and a transportation hub for the state. Today there are several cultural and industrial landmarks that showcase its history and draws visitors from the world over. It houses the famed energy center Xcel that forms the business hub for the upper Midwest region of the country.

The city has numerous landmarks among which a cultural and educational center id the Science Museum of Minnesota. Here one will find interactive exhibits as well as movies shown in the IMAX theater mode.

Log chapel of Saint Paul has a link to the city’s forming days and it is a religious landmark place that is a must see, also for its iconic architecture.

The city is known for several parks and natural recreational areas. A popular place is the Como park zoo and conservatory. The zoo was founded in 1897 and has several animals and aquatic creatures kept in natural surroundings. It is the first zoo that was formed in this state.

The Cathedral of Saint Paul is another revered landmark of the city. It was built as a replica of the St Peter’s church in Rome and it is a beaux arts church that has a rose window and a copper dome.

If you wish to check out the local food and brew, stop by Pig’s Eye which is a popular tavern in the city.

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