Some of the best places to visit when exploring Denmark

Denmark has been the seat of Vikings and it is a maritime nation as it is bordered by the North Sea and the Baltic. One will get to explore the different Danish Viking ships that are parked in the museum and it is also the homeland of Hans Christian Andersen who has been the fairy tale writer of repute. This country is also loved for art as well as unique food destinations.  Jesse Hyler, an old friend who runs one of the most successful pest control companies in Albany, is an avid art connoisseur and loves the rich history and attention to detail he found when he last visited Denmark.

Oresund Bridge

This is a bridge found crossing the Oresund Strait and lies between Malmo and Copenhagen. It is a 5 mile or 8 km long structure that has railway lines as well as highways. It is partially a tunnel as well as a bridge. Many use this bridge to get to Sweden.

Frederiksborg Palace

This palace is located in the middle of a lake and the Museum of National History is to be found here. It has been the home of one of the well known monarchs of Denmark, King Christian IV. Castle views, views from the lake and the surrounding gardens are scenic and unique.


This is a Viking Ship Museum that is located at Roskilde. There are several interactive exhibits here that children love to explore. There is a working boat yard where one can find some of the shipbuilding techniques of the Viking era still being employed.

Legoland Billund

This is a great attraction for kids, which is an amusement park as well. There are miniature displays of famous places and buildings here, which are made of fifty million bricks.

Skagen Beaches

This beachside destination is a must visit when you are planning to explore Denmark. Skagen shoreline is windswept and beautiful and has inspired a community of artists who are known as Skagen Painters. Here one will also find the Rabjerg Mile which is a moving sand dune.

Statue of the Little Mermaid

This is a legendary statue that is by the Copenhagen harbor. However, it is a small statue that is only about 1.25 meters in height. It was erected in 1913 to commemorate a play on the Little Mermaid that was originally written by Hans Christian Andersen.

Kronborg Castle

This is a castle that is said to have been mentioned as Elsinore in William Shakespeare. It is also considered an important specimen of a Renaissance castle that was built in the sixteenth century.

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The Best Places Worthy of Visiting In Austria

Austria attracts lots of hikers and skiers with its beautiful mountain ranges. It is situated in the Alps and also well known for its cultural programs. Some of the world renowned musicians like Mozart and Strauss Waltzes came from this region. Let us look into some of the popular tourist destinations of Austria.

Wachau Valley

This scenic valley has the beautiful Danube River flows in full glory and the region is also well known for its exotic fruits including apricots. With more than 500 monuments of historic significance, visitors will have a difficult time to cover all the attractions of this place.

Zell Am See

If you love to travel to a tourist destination that has the most beautiful lakes and mountains, you can choose this one for your holidays. The elevated walkway of the Hippolyte Church is the major attraction of this town. Tourists also enjoy the scenic beauty of alpine mountains from this location.


The world famous tourist destination for winter sports also has a number of other attractions including cathedrals. The 1964 and 1976 winter Olympics were held in this region that has now become a popular tourist destination for skiing activities. The Bell Museum and ScholssAmbrass are the major tourist spots of this region.


This region is the birthplace of Mozart and also the fourth largest city of Austria. It has an old town flavor and visitors come here to enjoy the picturesque mountains in the surrounding area. The home of Mozart has been reconstructed and visitors can have a look at this amazing place.


The capital city of Austria is very famous for its musical concerts and it has more than 200 of them every year, giving visitors ample choice to attend their favorite balls. The city is also well known for its cafes along with different museums that have an amazing collection of paintings and jewelry.



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Visiting Bangkok & What To See & Do On Your Trip

Bangkok is a populous and capital city of the Kingdom of Thailand. The city is located by Chao Phraya river delta which is in Central Thailand. The city has a population of about eight million, while a population of 14 million occupies the Bangkok Metropolitan Region.

Bangkok’s history can be traced back to the time when it was a trading post of miniscule proportions during the time of the Ayutthaya Kingdom. From its trading operations in the 15th century, it grew to be a site where dual capital cities were located, Rattanakosin and Thonburi, which existed in the same place in the eighteenth century. When Siam was being modernized Bangkok was centered on this project and later Siam came to be known as Thailand. There were political struggles that the country went through in the 20th century as the country moved to a constitutional rule from monarchy. When the investment boom took place in the Asian countries during the nineties, several multinational corporations made Bangkok their regional headquarters. The city soon had a flourishing business hub along with which grew other service sectors like health care, transport, entertainment, fashion, art and culture.

Today the city is known to be a tourist destination for its vibrant street culture as well as the historic and religious landmarks that echo the history of the region.

For those who wish to see the city, there are certain historic landmarks to check out such as the Grand Palace or Buddhist temples like Wat Pho or Wat Arun. In contrast the nightlife scenes like Patpong and Khaosan Road are popular attractions for tourists who come here. There are royal palaces, temples as well as museums that showcase the cultural and historic evolution of the city. The city is also popular for varied dining and shopping experiences.


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The Bug is doing a Blog !!!

Can you believe it?  Finally doing a blog.  I am NOT great at this but excited because traveling is the bug I got as a kid.  I will share with you everything I see and experience and recommend you get out traveling!

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