New Delhi – Experience The Rich Art And Culture

New Delhi is the urban part of Delhi that forms the capital of India. It is one of the most historic places in India that has many monuments and historic sites. My journey to India wouldn’t have been complete without a weekend trip to New Delhi. The place speaks about the rich history of the nation and all the colonial rulers that have left behind their art and culture in this amazing metropolitan land. Some of the most interesting sites in New Delhi are described below:

Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Located on the Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, The archaeological park was one of the best places I had been to during my stay in India. The place is quite near to Qutub Minar and is a treasure of ancient archaeological remains. There is a beautiful meadow and natural forest trail with small lanes leading to historic tombs. There is also a park that offers recreational facilities for the tourists. The place is a good choice if you are interested in Indian history and its rich heritage.


The ISKCON temple dedicated to Lord Krishna is a beautiful site that features the influence of Indian spirituality in the western world. Located on the Hare Krishna Hill, the temple is beautifully built and the interiors are spacious. Amid chants and prayers, I witnessed the deities adorned with flowers and gems. The atmosphere is quite enlightening. Most of the priests in the temple are foreigners who have transformed their name and personality to suit the ISKCON way of life.



Even though there are many attractions in and around Delhi, The Red Fort is a place that caught my attention. The historic site of Diwan-i-Am is a spot in Red Fort that used to be the court where the King addressed his royal officials. The site is a fine example of Mughal architecture and artistry.

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