Kurashiki beauty is a must visit

The historic city of Kurashiki gracefully sits on the Takahashi River on the coast of the Inland sea. We can say that this place is home to century-old buildings and shops.

As we walk in this historic land the time seems to tick at a slower phase. The calm of the city can make any restless soul to live in the moment.

As we slowly sip in the beauty of Kurashiki, we thought why not share the list of beauty that can be found in this historic land.

So, join us as we slowly walk into the top four places of Kurashiki.

We all know that rice is recognized as one of the vital commodity of Japan. As we travel back to the past, we come to understand that Kurashiki was one of the critical points of distribution for rice. The canal area was mainly used for this purpose.

  • Ohara Museum

This is Japan’s first museum of western art. The museum consists of the Main gallery, Annex building, Craft Art Gallery, Asiatic Art Gallery. Just over 200m, we can spot Kojima museum too, which is an art display of Japanese artist Kojima Torajiro.

  • Ohashi House

Kurashiki is well known for its many of the merchant classes. One such merchant family is of Ohashi, who built this residence in 1796. Visit this fabulous townhouse of Kurashiki’s wealthiest merchants.  It was told about to me by a friend who runs https://www.southernstarroofing.com, a very successful roofing company in North Carolina.  Being a high caliber business executive, this place got Brandon’s attention and he suggested it as a great place to stop in and explore.

  • Ivy Square

This building is beautifully covered with ivy which is a climbing plant, hence the name ivy square. As we have a look at the Ivy square, we can surely say the greenery that covers this building is so pleasing to our eyes. Dating back to the past, this building was widely known to be Japan First Cotton mill. Today the visitors can enjoy at the museum, restaurant, and a hotel at Ivy Square.

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