Come Experience The Other Side Of Japan In Nagoya

Nagoya is a fast growing city. The city is mostly in the news because it is one of the largest cities in Japan and apart from that, it is also the home of the most famous companies of cars in the world, that is, Toyota, Honda, and the Mitsubishi. These companies have given the city, its prominence.

Since the town is most famous for being a highly industrialized base, many people travel to it to witness the greatness of engineering and design. It is common to see tourists visit this place when they come to visit Tokyo, Kyoto or the Osaka. My latest travel to Nagoya and the central part of Japan convinced me exceptionally well that this region is the most beautiful in the country. Do note that, Nagoya is the best place to start your trip to central Japan.

What to see in Nagoya?

We visited Nagoya during its best season that is from March to May, and we genuinely believe that to be the best time to visit since plenty of flowers cover the town everywhere in its full bloom. The best place to catch a glimpse of the flowers will be the Nabana No Sato and never miss their festivals, and water illumination shows that run regularly until the early days of May. Do note that the weather in the town is delightful and you do not have to worry about the heat or the cold. It is recommended that you spend at least three days and two nights on your trip to Nagoya. Also, the budget will vary depending on the hotel you are staying, the activities and yours you undertake. 

How to reach Nagoya?

There are no direct connections to the city if one is traveling from outside Japan. It is required for you to the first land in Tokyo and takes transport from there to reach Nagoya. However, Japan is known for its excessively reliable and efficient railway network so catching the train and reaching Nagoya must not be a big task. You can experience the bullet trains of Japan too through this experience. We suggest you to at least spend three days in Nagoya.

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