The Best Things To Experience In Hong Kong

No matter you are visiting the city of Hong Kong for the very first time or for the 10th time, this city has a lot to offer for the tourists in terms of places to see, drink, and eat. It is an absolute tourist’s paradise and one that you will always love to visit over and over again.

Tian Tan Buddha

This is the largest outdoor bronze statue of Buddha in the world. You can get to this statue by taking the 360 degrees Skyrail cable car ride from Ngong Ping. You will get to have a bird’s eye view of the Lantau Island. Hiring the crystal cabin will offer you a glass bottom to get a picturesque view as you move to the top. Visitors who like to walk can reach the bronze statue by climbing the 268 steps.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

This is a very popular spiritual temple in the city of Hong Kong and plenty of people flock to pray in this temple. This temple is devoted to a shepherd boy who is believed to have super healing powers. He is considered as a demi-god here after his death.

Ocean Park

This is a fun filled and entertaining aquatic theme park for everyone in the family. The park boasts of two giant pandas apart from the wide range of aquatic and marine species. There are over 5,000 fishes in the Grand Aquarium at the park and it is also a place where you can find dolphins, seals and penguins. Take the cable car ride to reach the top of the cliff to enter the wonderful world of roller coaster rides.

Peak Tram Ride   

The peak is the highest point in Hong Kong and there is at Victoria Park on the top of the peak. You can reach the top of the peak by taking a historic tram ride. You get the best view of Hong Kong city to the top of the peak.

Star Ferry Ride

Get to see some of the best views and the iconic skyscrapers that Hong Kong has to offer by taking a quick 5-minute star ferry ride from TST to Wan Chi. You will love the sea breeze and the cool waters as you travel from one shore to the other.



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