Kurashiki beauty is a must visit

The historic city of Kurashiki gracefully sits on the Takahashi River on the coast of the Inland sea. We can say that this place is home to century-old buildings and shops.

As we walk in this historic land the time seems to tick at a slower phase. The calm of the city can make any restless soul to live in the moment.

As we slowly sip in the beauty of Kurashiki, we thought why not share the list of beauty that can be found in this historic land.

So, join us as we slowly walk into the top four places of Kurashiki.

We all know that rice is recognized as one of the vital commodity of Japan. As we travel back to the past, we come to understand that Kurashiki was one of the critical points of distribution for rice. The canal area was mainly used for this purpose.

  • Ohara Museum

This is Japan’s first museum of western art. The museum consists of the Main gallery, Annex building, Craft Art Gallery, Asiatic Art Gallery. Just over 200m, we can spot Kojima museum too, which is an art display of Japanese artist Kojima Torajiro.

  • Ohashi House

Kurashiki is well known for its many of the merchant classes. One such merchant family is of Ohashi, who built this residence in 1796. Visit this fabulous townhouse of Kurashiki’s wealthiest merchants.  It was told about to me by a friend who runs https://www.southernstarroofing.com, a very successful roofing company in North Carolina.  Being a high caliber business executive, this place got Brandon’s attention and he suggested it as a great place to stop in and explore.

  • Ivy Square

This building is beautifully covered with ivy which is a climbing plant, hence the name ivy square. As we have a look at the Ivy square, we can surely say the greenery that covers this building is so pleasing to our eyes. Dating back to the past, this building was widely known to be Japan First Cotton mill. Today the visitors can enjoy at the museum, restaurant, and a hotel at Ivy Square.

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Some of the best places to visit when exploring Denmark

Denmark has been the seat of Vikings and it is a maritime nation as it is bordered by the North Sea and the Baltic. One will get to explore the different Danish Viking ships that are parked in the museum and it is also the homeland of Hans Christian Andersen who has been the fairy tale writer of repute. This country is also loved for art as well as unique food destinations.  Jesse Hyler, an old friend who runs one of the most successful pest control companies in Albany, is an avid art connoisseur and loves the rich history and attention to detail he found when he last visited Denmark.

Oresund Bridge

This is a bridge found crossing the Oresund Strait and lies between Malmo and Copenhagen. It is a 5 mile or 8 km long structure that has railway lines as well as highways. It is partially a tunnel as well as a bridge. Many use this bridge to get to Sweden.

Frederiksborg Palace

This palace is located in the middle of a lake and the Museum of National History is to be found here. It has been the home of one of the well known monarchs of Denmark, King Christian IV. Castle views, views from the lake and the surrounding gardens are scenic and unique.


This is a Viking Ship Museum that is located at Roskilde. There are several interactive exhibits here that children love to explore. There is a working boat yard where one can find some of the shipbuilding techniques of the Viking era still being employed.

Legoland Billund

This is a great attraction for kids, which is an amusement park as well. There are miniature displays of famous places and buildings here, which are made of fifty million bricks.

Skagen Beaches

This beachside destination is a must visit when you are planning to explore Denmark. Skagen shoreline is windswept and beautiful and has inspired a community of artists who are known as Skagen Painters. Here one will also find the Rabjerg Mile which is a moving sand dune.

Statue of the Little Mermaid

This is a legendary statue that is by the Copenhagen harbor. However, it is a small statue that is only about 1.25 meters in height. It was erected in 1913 to commemorate a play on the Little Mermaid that was originally written by Hans Christian Andersen.

Kronborg Castle

This is a castle that is said to have been mentioned as Elsinore in William Shakespeare. It is also considered an important specimen of a Renaissance castle that was built in the sixteenth century.

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What To Do When You Are In Manaus?

Formerly called Barra do the Rio Negro, Manaus is the capital of Amazonas. The well-preserved natural environment proved to be an excellent getaway for me. I discovered many things in the city during my stay which I am going to share with you in this blog. Located at the heart of Amazon, this has various birds, plants, fish, insects, and other animals. Brace yourself, since you want to get a ticket to Manaus on spot. Here is the list of things to do when you visit this city.

  • See where Amazon begins

About 10 kilometers by boat from Manaus, Rio Solimões and Rio Negro rivers meet in order to form the breathtaking Amazon River. The meeting of the two rivers is called encontro das Aguas by the locals. During this time, the acidic black water from the Rio Negro along with the alkaline water of Rio Solimões meet. This creates a unique and magnificent spectacle on the lakeside. This is the best thing that I had experienced in this city.

  • Shop at Mercado Municipal Adolpho Lisboa

It came as a surprise to me that the building which houses the market had been shipped from Europe in the year 1880. Vegetables, herbs, and fruits had been displayed colorfully that excited enthusiastic shoppers. I found handmade leather souvenirs and gifts for my loved ones in the market.

  • Click photos of Victoria Amazónica Water Lily

This is the world’s largest water lily. Victoria Amazónica Water Lily has been named after Queen Victoria. You will find these plants abundantly around Amazon River which begins at Manaus. The splendid looking circular leaves grow up to 2.5 meters diametrically. The beautiful white flowers that it creates can turn pink on the second blooming day. Click some photos of these to frame them and put them in your living room.

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New Delhi – Experience The Rich Art And Culture

New Delhi is the urban part of Delhi that forms the capital of India. It is one of the most historic places in India that has many monuments and historic sites. My journey to India wouldn’t have been complete without a weekend trip to New Delhi. The place speaks about the rich history of the nation and all the colonial rulers that have left behind their art and culture in this amazing metropolitan land. Some of the most interesting sites in New Delhi are described below:

Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Located on the Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, The archaeological park was one of the best places I had been to during my stay in India. The place is quite near to Qutub Minar and is a treasure of ancient archaeological remains. There is a beautiful meadow and natural forest trail with small lanes leading to historic tombs. There is also a park that offers recreational facilities for the tourists. The place is a good choice if you are interested in Indian history and its rich heritage.


The ISKCON temple dedicated to Lord Krishna is a beautiful site that features the influence of Indian spirituality in the western world. Located on the Hare Krishna Hill, the temple is beautifully built and the interiors are spacious. Amid chants and prayers, I witnessed the deities adorned with flowers and gems. The atmosphere is quite enlightening. Most of the priests in the temple are foreigners who have transformed their name and personality to suit the ISKCON way of life.



Even though there are many attractions in and around Delhi, The Red Fort is a place that caught my attention. The historic site of Diwan-i-Am is a spot in Red Fort that used to be the court where the King addressed his royal officials. The site is a fine example of Mughal architecture and artistry.

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Come Experience The Other Side Of Japan In Nagoya

Nagoya is a fast growing city. The city is mostly in the news because it is one of the largest cities in Japan and apart from that, it is also the home of the most famous companies of cars in the world, that is, Toyota, Honda, and the Mitsubishi. These companies have given the city, its prominence.

Since the town is most famous for being a highly industrialized base, many people travel to it to witness the greatness of engineering and design. It is common to see tourists visit this place when they come to visit Tokyo, Kyoto or the Osaka. My latest travel to Nagoya and the central part of Japan convinced me exceptionally well that this region is the most beautiful in the country. Do note that, Nagoya is the best place to start your trip to central Japan.

What to see in Nagoya?

We visited Nagoya during its best season that is from March to May, and we genuinely believe that to be the best time to visit since plenty of flowers cover the town everywhere in its full bloom. The best place to catch a glimpse of the flowers will be the Nabana No Sato and never miss their festivals, and water illumination shows that run regularly until the early days of May. Do note that the weather in the town is delightful and you do not have to worry about the heat or the cold. It is recommended that you spend at least three days and two nights on your trip to Nagoya. Also, the budget will vary depending on the hotel you are staying, the activities and yours you undertake. 

How to reach Nagoya?

There are no direct connections to the city if one is traveling from outside Japan. It is required for you to the first land in Tokyo and takes transport from there to reach Nagoya. However, Japan is known for its excessively reliable and efficient railway network so catching the train and reaching Nagoya must not be a big task. You can experience the bullet trains of Japan too through this experience. We suggest you to at least spend three days in Nagoya.

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The Great Tours Of Matsuyama Are Waiting To Take You Around

Take You Around

Matsuyama is spread over an area of 482.9Km squares on the Shikoku island of Japan and is the official capital city of the Ehime Prefecture.

Before researching about the place, I have the impression of the name to be something as that of a person, but when I studied about this place, Matsuyama turns out to be very frequently visited places wherein I felt welcomed.

  • The places and events that can be visited at around this place are the Taga fertility museum, Saka no Ue Kumo Museum, Dogo Onsen Festival.

It won’t be a bad idea to check out the Hiroshima cruise ferry along with the Matsuyama Hiroshima Super Jet.

Places to visit

The site has its main center attraction at the Matsuyama castle which is built over a steep hill called Mount Katsuyama and gives an opportunity to the travelers to check out the bird’s eye view of the area of Matsuyama and the Inland Sea of Seto. This place has about 200 cherry blossom trees which paint this place with pink hues in the period around the months of late March to early April. Since this place is located on a steep hill, you require a ropeway to get to the castle as the other way to reach the castle can be pretty tedious and hence try the ropeway for an easier go.


The Ninomaru Park, which was earlier a point of defense for the region, but has now converted into a park.

This place also holds other areas that could be noted when traveling around like another castle named Yuzuki castle and merely peaceful temple Ishite Ji.

The accommodation facilities give a range of options and few of the places to have your stays are Okudogo Ichiyu Noori, Nest hotel, New Grand Hotel, Mystays, Patio Dogo, REI Hotel.

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Quito, Ecuador – Most Beautiful City Of South America

Quito is one of the most beautiful cities of America. This is the colonial city easily found between two volcanoes and gives an excellent view. During burn, it gives you the fantastic view of snow-capped mountains. The best view of the snow can be collected from this city and nowhere else in the world.

  • Basilica del Voto Nacional – get gothic side of America here

If you want to experience the neo-Gothic side of architecture, visit the cathedral such as Basilica del Voto Nacional. It was created in the year 1887. It comprises of structures such as iguana, tortoise, monkey, and puma. Inside the cathedral, you will come across the mosaic floor and also an altar of Mother Mary.

  • Parque La Carolina – relax and enjoy

Quito is consisted of Parque La Carolina, the place where you can do recreation and      relaxation. This spot is situated in the main district amongst huge land. You will come across bike lanes, tracks to run, basketball court, and various soccer fields to carry out physical tasks. You can also spot this place for carrying out paddle boating.

  • Plaza Foch – enjoy nightlife at its best

The place comprises of bars eateries and various nightclubs. It is the place to meet local people all around. People, especially young arrive here for spending fun time with friends and family. This place is meant to dance and enjoy to its fullest.

  • La Capilla Del Hombre – welcome to art museum

This art museum is dedicated to the people belonging to Latin America. It is basically the art museum created by the famous artist such as Oswaldo Guayasamín. It is located over the hilly structure of the city. The best use of murals, sculpture is made here to depict the struggle of people during oppression.

  • Calle La Ronda – a street with unique three city blocks

This is the street where you will come across several buses and taxis. It is the street covering three blocks when it is to enjoy leisure time. Have fun with small shops, cafes, and other eateries. You can shop for a variety of things too.

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Managua Has Many Interesting Things to Experience…

Managua is the city located on the Lake Managua south shore and it is also the capital city of Nicaragua. The city is famous for its rich vibrant culture and many natural beauties. If you have planned a vacation in Managua, then do not skip these spots.

  • Natural Reserve Tiscapa Lagoon

Tiscapa Lagoon was basically a lagoon formed because of volcanic eruptions and it is about 10,000 years ago. The lagoon is present within the city in Nicaragua, and covers the area of 0.13 km². It was protected as a natural reserve. It creates a beautiful sight of the city and one of the most visited spots.

  • Old Cathedral of Managua

The Old Cathedral of Managua is also known by the name Catedral de Santiago in Spanish language. It is a cathedral in Managua, Nicaragua and it was designed by Belgian architects.

  • Montelimar Beach

If you love nature’s beauty, then Montelimar beach is the place you should surely visit. At present on the Nicaragua Pacific coast in the department of Managua. The main attraction of Montelimar Beach is the 3 km of white sand beach and the Barcelo Hotel and Resort.

  • Chocoyero-El Brujo Natural Reserve

This is a great place for nature watching and hiking. You can reach here within an hour from Managua. On your way to Managua, you can have the magnificent look of unpaved and cross pineapple, banana and coffee plantations. The place is full of natural beauties and mesmerizing views. The chocoyero present here is the natural house for lots of birds.

  • Immaculate Conception Cathedral, Managua

The Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of Mary (MCICM) is also known as New Cathedral. The place is located in Managua, Nicaragua. And it was dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. It has beautiful architect.

In addition to these spots the city has many other sights to watch and experience. But, these are some of the most important one, and your journey to Managua will be called incomplete, if you do not visit these places.

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Places To Visit In St Paul, Minnesota

If you wish to explore the state of Minnesota, it would be wise to select St Paul as your one stop destination to get a flavor of the state as a whole. This capital city of the state has also the second largest population for the state. Located in Ramsey County, the city is located on the eastern side of the Mississippi river, near the point where it merges into the Minnesota River. The city combines with Minneapolis to form a large and sprawling economic center as well as the sixteenth largest metropolitan area in the country.

At the time of its formation, the city was a trading center and a transportation hub for the state. Today there are several cultural and industrial landmarks that showcase its history and draws visitors from the world over. It houses the famed energy center Xcel that forms the business hub for the upper Midwest region of the country.

The city has numerous landmarks among which a cultural and educational center id the Science Museum of Minnesota. Here one will find interactive exhibits as well as movies shown in the IMAX theater mode.

Log chapel of Saint Paul has a link to the city’s forming days and it is a religious landmark place that is a must see, also for its iconic architecture.

The city is known for several parks and natural recreational areas. A popular place is the Como park zoo and conservatory. The zoo was founded in 1897 and has several animals and aquatic creatures kept in natural surroundings. It is the first zoo that was formed in this state.

The Cathedral of Saint Paul is another revered landmark of the city. It was built as a replica of the St Peter’s church in Rome and it is a beaux arts church that has a rose window and a copper dome.

If you wish to check out the local food and brew, stop by Pig’s Eye which is a popular tavern in the city.

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Places to visit when you decide to visit Phoenix Arizona

Constructed in the smack middle of a desert, Phoenix is now the capital of the state of Arizona and one of the largest cities of the country. The rich agriculture of the soils of the city drew Native Americans to inhabit it early in the 11th city. Since it’s in the desert, Phoenix is naturally very hot in the summers. So if you’re heat-sensitive, we recommend planning a trip to Phoenix in the winter season.

Tourist Sites and Attractions in Phoenix

Being the capital of Arizona, the city has a decent number of tourist attractions and sites. Clear your schedules for each one because they are all unique and educational!

The Arizona Science Center is a famous name in the world of technology. The center holds a number of tech exhibits, latest gadgets and inventions and also an IMAX theatre to watch the latest movies.

Phoenix also has several museums that are often visited by tourists. The Heard Museum is famous for its cultural vibe whereas the Pueblo Grande Museum and Archeological Park is for those who love archeology, history and the prehistoric era.

Along with the educational museums, the capital also has museums and centers to appreciate art. The Phoenix Art Museum is the most popular stop for budding artists. The center has exhibits of both modern and contemporary genre.

The Desert Botanical Garden is also a great place to visit during your stay in the city. Unlike other lush green gardens, this one focuses on the flora and fauna of the desert – what they are and how they are grown.

Tourist Activities in Phoenix

If you’re traveling with a child, then the activities in Phoenix will make their trip the best they’ve ever had! The Carnival of Illusion, the Sea Life Aquarium and the Desert Storm Hummer Tours are all exciting activities for people of all ages.

Phoenix is also home to some of the finest opera theaters like the Arizona Opera and the Phoenix Symphony.

In a nutshell, the capital of Arizona has everything – history, art, music, theater, and fun activities. Just make sure to pack some sunscreen!


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The Best Things To Experience In Hong Kong

No matter you are visiting the city of Hong Kong for the very first time or for the 10th time, this city has a lot to offer for the tourists in terms of places to see, drink, and eat. It is an absolute tourist’s paradise and one that you will always love to visit over and over again.

Tian Tan Buddha

This is the largest outdoor bronze statue of Buddha in the world. You can get to this statue by taking the 360 degrees Skyrail cable car ride from Ngong Ping. You will get to have a bird’s eye view of the Lantau Island. Hiring the crystal cabin will offer you a glass bottom to get a picturesque view as you move to the top. Visitors who like to walk can reach the bronze statue by climbing the 268 steps.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

This is a very popular spiritual temple in the city of Hong Kong and plenty of people flock to pray in this temple. This temple is devoted to a shepherd boy who is believed to have super healing powers. He is considered as a demi-god here after his death.

Ocean Park

This is a fun filled and entertaining aquatic theme park for everyone in the family. The park boasts of two giant pandas apart from the wide range of aquatic and marine species. There are over 5,000 fishes in the Grand Aquarium at the park and it is also a place where you can find dolphins, seals and penguins. Take the cable car ride to reach the top of the cliff to enter the wonderful world of roller coaster rides.

Peak Tram Ride   

The peak is the highest point in Hong Kong and there is at Victoria Park on the top of the peak. You can reach the top of the peak by taking a historic tram ride. You get the best view of Hong Kong city to the top of the peak.

Star Ferry Ride

Get to see some of the best views and the iconic skyscrapers that Hong Kong has to offer by taking a quick 5-minute star ferry ride from TST to Wan Chi. You will love the sea breeze and the cool waters as you travel from one shore to the other.



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